Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Advantage or Disadvantage?

Initial crazy intake : Tiong Hwa, JKP Keseni, Feseni, RDH, RED, Photography, PKUM, PKVUM, IMECHE.

With these many club, I got quite a sum of buddies and popularity. But then, 9 club is enough to bring my life from heaven to hell. To make things worse, my educations. By joining and be active for a start, few JTK and higher committee recognize me. As what I heard, it is very beneficial as can get a higher chance getting college room for following year.

Since everyone have 24 hour per day, to divide my  time, i only sleep around 3~5 hour during weekday.

Somehow, due to some connection with higher committee, I'm drag into something even more stressful. Since they're the higher committee, with their power and authority, latest update.
23/10/12 : Tiong Hwa, JKP Keseni, Feseni, RDH, RED, Photography, PKUM, PKVUM, IMECHE,

wait, it not the same, there's more!!

Broga, FIN, EDMAT, Choir, CAD/MAN Org, Tiong Hwa Open Day, EBCG, Banana-ian.

There goes my sleep time that is left, either I drink some T-virus and turn into a zombie that won't feel tired or I go Konoha find a teacher train Kage Bushin no Jutsu.


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