Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Advantage or Disadvantage?

Initial crazy intake : Tiong Hwa, JKP Keseni, Feseni, RDH, RED, Photography, PKUM, PKVUM, IMECHE.

With these many club, I got quite a sum of buddies and popularity. But then, 9 club is enough to bring my life from heaven to hell. To make things worse, my educations. By joining and be active for a start, few JTK and higher committee recognize me. As what I heard, it is very beneficial as can get a higher chance getting college room for following year.

Since everyone have 24 hour per day, to divide my  time, i only sleep around 3~5 hour during weekday.

Somehow, due to some connection with higher committee, I'm drag into something even more stressful. Since they're the higher committee, with their power and authority, latest update.
23/10/12 : Tiong Hwa, JKP Keseni, Feseni, RDH, RED, Photography, PKUM, PKVUM, IMECHE,

wait, it not the same, there's more!!

Broga, FIN, EDMAT, Choir, CAD/MAN Org, Tiong Hwa Open Day, EBCG, Banana-ian.

There goes my sleep time that is left, either I drink some T-virus and turn into a zombie that won't feel tired or I go Konoha find a teacher train Kage Bushin no Jutsu.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Messy Me

Pre-plan just doesn't suit me well... more like i can't follow when everything last minutes.

Planning to wake at 3 am to study, but then i woke at 5 am and play until 6 am.. and blogging. =/

Planning to sleep, suddenly got invitation for supper. Me who eager for entertainment just can't resist even i'm half way sleeping.

Planning to have a quick re-cap before bed time, but then a massage received, please come down for a meeting, post  mortem, practice, briefing, bla bla bla...

Planning to have a budget meal, after i realize my expenditure was way up the hill, like 20 bulks per day or sometimes even per meal. Yeah it started well, somehow the starting day i spend only 6 bulk for 3 meals. Somehow, my tummy win over my intention. Sigh, i'm gonna gain quite some weight soon, though i look skinny. =S

Planning to be active in my activities. Tiredness stop my adventure.

Planning to have some fun later. My body just doesn't last that long.

Planning to walk to faculty every time to exercise myself. Laziness keep me on the side of waiting buses.

Planning planning planning... Sorry for making a mess out of you. =/

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Life

Let's see, starting with mhs, crazy Pembantu Mahasiswa(PM)'s  torture us, but end up being told was an act. Their acting not bad huh... Some memories of orientation? Top in the list will be choir won champion, free foodssss~ Then should be crazy pick fight using cheers with other college, aka hostel people until got road block demonstration, a bit over i can say, but i think it's part of the acting.
After mhs got student rep. election, idiots wearing suits blocking the road without concerning road user and start propaganda, saying " I WILL..., I WILL...". But after election, where're they?? @.@
Then i joined few ko-k, eg PKUM,RED,PKVUM,Photography,Imeche,JKP budaya,Feseni,Choir,RDH,Tiong Hwa,Sukmum. Hmm. next stop taekwondo?? i must be crazy.
sometimes ko-k until 3am, that's sucks.  =/
Lacking something, oh~ In Tiong Hwa brunch out, I'm banana family and dance division
But one thing for sure, every competition, food is sponsered. yay~ FOOD~ oh ya, talking about food, gosh, it took me few weeks to get to know few hidden spots with clean food. That's sucks too. I heard law fac. got mock trial and wanted to go watch, but need pay. So realistic... =.=
Since i joined so many club, expected, super busy. Until this week only got a tiny free time at night, haiz... Luckily cruel mhs orientation period trained me to sleep late wake earlier. Thus, sometimes when i'm not so sleepy, i wake at 3am for studies, when lazy then wake at 5am. As for motivation to continue studying knowing is still too early for breakfast and my bed still miss me, facebook is the first thing i do. Aiya, reviewed my slacking of studies. But hey, who so free to update stuff during such a timing. So facebook will be quite a boring social network at that timing after checking all the junks. *Luckily*

Lastly, to end the summary, I want to open shop first. It'll just take awhile.
Shop title : " I'm Single".

The end for today~

Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Thursday, December 29, 2011


Is holiday fever,
we happily celebrate,
but i believe balance of nature,
so here's the conclusion:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is it right to death???

AN elderly Taiwanese man allegedly put his ailing wife to death by pushing a screwdriver through her skull, weeks after he said on his blog he might kill her as an act of mercy.

Wang Ching-hsi, an 83-year-old former engineer, is suspected of giving his wife sleeping pills early Sunday and then killing her, the United Daily News and other papers said.

"Why I did this? It's all on my blog," Mr Wang told journalists while being taken away by Taipei police, according to footage shown on local television.

A blog entry dated December 5 which appeared to be Mr Wang's remained available today and detailed in candid terms how Mr Wang's 80-year-old wife, Sun Yuan-ping, had lost the will to live.

The blog entry said that she was suffering from Parkinson's disease and recently had broken her left leg.

"She is miserable," the blog said.

It referred to an agreement the couple had arrived at a decade ago "to die in peace", and quoted Mr Wang as telling his wife that "when the time comes, I will kill you".

After allegedly killing his wife, Mr Wang called the police to turn himself in and waited in his apartment for the officers to arrive, United Daily News said.

Euthanasia and the right to die has been a hotly debated topic in Taiwan in recent years.

In June, the cabinet passed draft regulations allowing terminally ill patients or their relatives to give up medical efforts that prolong suffering without preventing eventual death.

Is it right to die??

What can you see base on the true story above??

In ones opinion, that guy is a murderer.

But in another point of view, can this be an act of mercy to end the suffering??

Life is full of mystery, someone wants to life longer, someone wants to die.

But what if he or she are unable to attempt suicide and call someone else to help.

Will that man be charged for murder case?

Or should the Law add in an exception to killing with reasonable explanation??

What should we do about it?

Laws exist to eliminate chaos. But what if someones wants other to take their life?

What should we do about it?

Monday, December 27, 2010


one day... i was in deep sleep,
mom wake me,
start saying strange words,
like don't bang her car,
don't harm her car,
don't go far,
don't this don't that,
and... you can drive when they gone else where...O_O
serious??? wow? strange. this never happen.
i guess is temporary or joking or make me feel better??(she cheat me many times before)
I goes on with it. nothing happen.
then comes home alone day~~
walao.. so shock~
got key le, can hit the speed..XD
Feel so nice till forgot road..~.~
lucky getting smooth soon~
then come second thought, is it only this 3day??
Ok, car in one piece after 4 days,
no damage,
only thing is car burned..
er oil inside car actually..haha
So I go add oil.
first time,
the worker also laugh at me..><>

but she still warn, if she need then can't..
remain mystery for me driving alone, but i can predict is a yes??
YEAH~ i believe i can fly~~ i CAN FLY~

Friday, December 17, 2010


happy birthday~ TO YOU~
Lao po birthday today~~ but i got no present... sry..>.<' Decided buy something at time square, something nice. pop out my mind is umbrella and shirt~ then time square gsc give a good impression, so go again..XD But turn out go sing k. Never mind~ sing k is lao po favorite, I'll be there. I also like song, but singing..haha I back up singer type.. performance bad. But at least better than the first time where I didn't even sing. ear enjoy but mouth shut. consider it pass. XD second stop, movie!!! but time is not on our side. good point of view, more time to shop!XD Go lots and lots of shop, time square sure a place that will found nice dress and stuff~ brought A pair of shirt and a jeans, as present..(no need pay me)XD
Long wish umbrella found also~~
then suddenly decided go home late, go movie!!
2pm to 4 pm just ranged 2 hour,
but gsc traffic spoil so easily.. haiz..
but, next week sure replace back.. PROMISE!!
Happy birthday lao po~~~~~

Sunday, December 12, 2010

CH 3day 2 night

1st day...

Packed bad departed...
mom fobia old hill road make us turn big round use long road...
a simple 2~3 hour journey took us 4~5hour..
from morning till afternoon travelling..
then my biao ge church friend bring us to his tomato and vege farm~
we come at harvest time.. can see then pluck tomato n pack.
Their speed of packaging was like 100km/hour. seriously fast.
though cant get any video there..( classified)
the big boss is so generous until one box of vege that will be soon exported end up in our car.
Thanks uncle~~
he also bring us to lunch~
introduce many new dish.. was super nice.
one of the recommended dish was steel plate fish.
super nice.. i still have some memory of that shop although forgot take picture.
Will got second time.. who want to join? XD
then go lily apartment put stuff and rest~
night go steamboat for dinner.. that restaurant not using electricity,
but use charcoal.
quite nice, but thats all. quite nice..
go walk in pasar malam,
havent walk half way.. some aunty in our gang(dont want mention)
want go home...zzz
whats the fun if holiday like that.. stay in hotel better..~.~
Then 2nd day,
after eat bread go see some farm,
1st stop is a restaurant with a farm.
At first we only plan to go farm for a walk,
each pay RM1, then suddenly say want eat there,
so after walk see then eat,
as we go further in,
there's a sign say if eat there no need pay for farm visit,
and stated no re fund.
I got a feel like robbing us, but still,
we eat there. i can say not so nice to eat..~.~
then go visit rose garden,
rm4 per person,
quite ok sense the farm quite big,
with peacork, male and female,turkey and rabbit.
then got lots of different kind of flowers,
some unique but some being vandalized,
which is quite sad. ruin the trees,
still overall can view. there's decoration and statue also.
and a 'long kang' that got people throw coins
and wish for more return from a statue in front of that 'long kang'.
Typical Chinese i guess.
walk over, heads home,
as the road was new and main road,
one short journey took use 1 hour to go through,
all those stupid lorry just stop at middle of road to put loads down,
the road was like from my house to my school,
took 1 hour +just imagine...
then go mamak sit and wait all those aunty shop.
head home for a bath then go dinner.
This time is at Nyonya restaurant,
which is quite nice and cheap!
then plan to walk around.
Sadly, all of sudden, wind comes and chase us back to room and keep warm inside.
Never mind,
I on tv watch astro since i dont have 1 at home.
i watch this! XD
then last day,
so fast.~.~
Breakfast at UncleChowKopitiam,
the food is consider quite nice,
but whats attracting my family to that shop is that shop
get A in cleanliness and the boss is really good in pr.
Anyway, that kopitiam also got name,
any the main chief also got won some cooking competition.
They even reject some businessman offer of franchising the kopitiam to maintain quality and name.
Is already second time, will have third~
Then go church before head home.
cameron hiland church actually use red wine and bread loaf as holy communion.
and no host nor singer to guide them,
all 'self-service' type.
Saw a suitable song just sing out,
of course they introduce first the song.
after church heads home.
using old road really fast.
compare to coming which use 3~4hour,
going back to highway just took 1 hour.
but we stop by at melor to have lunch,
there famous for duck drumstick mee, but all order that i go order wantan mee.
feel so regrat.
then rush shop buy some famous gai zhai biskut.
heads home~~.
picture coming soon. XP

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I'm a lot better now...
no stomachache~
all seems fine...
My dar just went through a hard time... I can't help...
haiz~~ what should I do??
(light bulb)
got idea le~
be happy~~
think of me...XD

i cute leh~~XP
whenever u feel alone.. helpless.. dunwan think me never mind..
this this guy on pic..XD
i also should make a warning for myself...
1) exam don't fail
2)must pass
3)must get at least C
4)must above 40 marks
5) ngpa must 2.0++
6)cgpa must 2.0++
7)total mark must160++
8)hmm... think ltr...
if not... er... then not la...XD

er... i sleep la... tired~
ltr practice singing...
lol.. i sing..=P
quite hard sing heal the world.. i need help..T.T
just now doing physics... suckss..T.T
who cares?? holiday just about to start.. got plenty of time..
man man lai ba~~
i'm not a guy who writes well..
bloging is like a challenge to me...
so blogging got tacknik?? teach me~~

by the way,
1 more day of school~~~ hooray~~~
1st day of holiday is movie time~~~ XD